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Monday, 27 December 2010

cana cana africana

Phyllis Galembo

poster for this wickeeeed band gazelle

Working very hard at the moment on my second collection...have spent the afternoon putting some inspiration images together...while I was doing some organizing of files on the computer, yet again trying to do a million things at the same time.
some of these I just absolutely love, and they kind of represent my mood at the moment.

this is where I have gone to

so busy...wish I had more time to blog
my mr man is helping me be more productive

Friday, 3 December 2010

creative surrondings

Spent the last 2 Thursdays In different openings around the east end.Thursday evening was spent doing icy trekking with my other half around Brick lane, Hoxton.

First went to stolen space that always seem to have really good openings, they also always seem to have nice alcoholic juices!!

Last night they where exhibiting a feast for my eyes-a mixture of collage and great graphics for an exhibition titled “never judge”, a little bit more info from the preview Email-

…”Stolen Space in association with Penguin Books plan to celebrate the art of the book cover
with a show entitled ' Never Judge?’
For this exhibition we will be filling the gallery with original book covers exclusively created for this show
by our favorite artists from around the world, there will also by gyclée prints available from some of the pieces
created. The show promises to be a visual feast working in conjunction with Penguin Books and their upcoming
Penguin Essentials project”

The second place we went to was a Xmas feast held in a great gallery/shop in Hoxton called KK outlet which was holding a special evening for the Dutch Santa Claus, who arrives at the beginning of December…which is a lot of fun for the kids(big ones as well), the seemed to be a problem with the electricity in the place(ie not working), but that just made the whole thing more magical, and together with a few glasses of wine, chocolate and some xmas songs the evening turned out to be a perfect start for my Xmas celebrations!!

Last but not least 2 weeks ago went to open studio’s evening at Netil house, a huge industrial building turned into creative spaces in London fields not far from home , found this really nice Jewelry designer-Dynasty, loved her Butterfly trade mark, me thinks ‘XMAS’ gift!!

Saturday, 27 November 2010


I was reading through ELLE December edition, and found this stunning image, buy Clare Shilland, this image won the ELLE commission prize.
the image is simply called Merel.
Shilland is a London based Photographer, who is also inspired by the Amercian photographer Larry clark, Clark is the man behind films such as- Ken park, Kids and Bully, which I have watched many times...amazing movies, Clark's movies have this "in your face" raw sexiness about them, but somehow manage to capture, in a odd way the beauty of youth, and reckless teenage behavior, which is not really a beautifull concept on it own, but somehow Clark manages to make these Teenagers look like Hero's, well they did to me.
I love the soft tones in the pictures and the "realness" of the characters in them, both Clark and Shilland.
I could not for some reason upload the kids here is the link

Larry clark

Monday, 22 November 2010

vogue history

I cant remember how this book came into my hands, it belonged to my mum, and was probably given to her when she married, or something, I love it, and it goes everywhere with me...
published 1977
"This Sumptuous yet eminently practical handbook gives the facts and possibilities about health and beauty honestly without feeding women's dreams and illusions..."

some new items and new shoot

One of the perks of being in a big building full of other creative's is having a really good photographer as your neighbor, as I have recently done some editing and re-sewing with my lovely seamstress for the spring summer collection, I thought it would be a good idea to shoot it again, my Neighbor Bernie was up for the job, and he brought along his very helpful stylist Mia....thank you Samar for the modelling, you rocked!!

Sunday, 14 November 2010

a perfect day by the sea side,Judy's vintage fair, groovy grampa's, pebbled beaches, yummy cupcakes, fish an' chips warming tea made me think of British things I love and some funky ol' Pearly kings and queens, all things British, The kings and queens were not there...but certainly in my mind