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Saturday, 27 November 2010


I was reading through ELLE December edition, and found this stunning image, buy Clare Shilland, this image won the ELLE commission prize.
the image is simply called Merel.
Shilland is a London based Photographer, who is also inspired by the Amercian photographer Larry clark, Clark is the man behind films such as- Ken park, Kids and Bully, which I have watched many times...amazing movies, Clark's movies have this "in your face" raw sexiness about them, but somehow manage to capture, in a odd way the beauty of youth, and reckless teenage behavior, which is not really a beautifull concept on it own, but somehow Clark manages to make these Teenagers look like Hero's, well they did to me.
I love the soft tones in the pictures and the "realness" of the characters in them, both Clark and Shilland.
I could not for some reason upload the kids here is the link

Larry clark

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