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RIYKA is a womenswear label, designed and made in the UK, run by husband and wife, Vedran and Rebecca, this is how its made!

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Sunday, 14 November 2010

a perfect day by the sea side,Judy's vintage fair, groovy grampa's, pebbled beaches, yummy cupcakes, fish an' chips warming tea made me think of British things I love and some funky ol' Pearly kings and queens, all things British, The kings and queens were not there...but certainly in my mind


  1. Love all the knick knacks, I love rummaging through boxes like that! I saw some pearly kings in Covent Garden a few months ago, so inspiring and ornate, a real visual treat! I should share my photos sometime...

  2. ha, i wandered where these guys can be seen, kinda by-gone, but love them:)