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Monday, 22 November 2010

vogue history

I cant remember how this book came into my hands, it belonged to my mum, and was probably given to her when she married, or something, I love it, and it goes everywhere with me...
published 1977
"This Sumptuous yet eminently practical handbook gives the facts and possibilities about health and beauty honestly without feeding women's dreams and illusions..."


  1. What a nice pic's! It is so cool that you have got this magazin!

  2. thanx
    I love this book...i have had it for ages, I will never get rid of it, and pass it on to my daughter 2..:))

  3. Love the hairstyles, I always find it fascinating to read old magazines!

  4. hiven-thanxxxx...loved your xmas post:))

  5. kb-its actually a full on paperback book...I should actually try doing some of those exorcises...but I am to lazy:))