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Saturday, 29 January 2011


Looking at Margiela’s collection on The fashionisto made me think about a couple of Vincents, specially because one of them is appearing around a lot recently due to the amazing “Black swan” that I am yet to see, anyway so these vincents and the margiela collection all represent to me a male aesthetic that I really admire…a man who is confident, has a mysterious strong gaze in his eyes and is pretty much FIERCE…I mean menswear its not really my field, but sometimes I just love looking at the way it is evolving and how it has many different of styles within it, and hey, the is nothing wrong with enjoying a look at some really well dressed fierce men giving you that mysterious look…enjoy the vincents!

Maison Martin Margiela Fall/Winter 2011

Vincent Gallo

Vincent cassel


  1. Strangley yet not too surprising, your Gigishares many resemblances with those Vincents :-)

  2. I know...but thats oky isnt it???
    its just the kinda man I like...dark mysterious,must have a little bit of stuble and a kinda mad look in his eye...haha its love baby
    only my vincent is a vedran:)

  3. Vincent Gallo's face make my heart ache. Gorgeous!